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When we say fun, we mean it!

For Puyallup residents Kim Field and Amy Wertz, playing sports is all about meeting people and having fun. That’s why the pair created All Things Fun Sports! in 2017. Our company’s goal is to bring the fun of recreational sports events to communities across the state.

It's in our name - our events bring together people from all over, providing lasting connections and the desire to simply have fun while you participate.

Thank you for choosing All Things Fun Sports!

We constantly strive to bring our participants the latest and best recreational activities. That is why we align ourselves so fully with dedicated sponsors! Our Swag Bags and raffles are well known, and in turn, we are able to provide you with a variety of things to do before and after a race or event. Our experiences take you to cool, new places - from the sandy beaches of Ocean Shores and Long Beach to the stunning waterfront of Tacoma, even to the brand new trails around Puyallup - you can be certain that our events have something for your whole family to enjoy.

We love who we work with, we love our volunteers - we are committed to you!

To learn more about how to be a sponsor, click here.

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