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January 2021 News!

Hello January! We were able to ring in 2021 with six events on the calendar. We're excited to run and walk into the new year with you! If you're wondering what's in store for the year ahead with All Things Fun Sports...we plan to launch a new store on our website this year. Stay tuned for more details. Soon you'll be able to shop and support some of our sponsors, partners, and brands.

We're hard at work filling in the rest of the calendar with more events. We'll share more info in newsletters, Facebook, and Instagram. We hope to see you at one of the upcoming events. Meanwhile, the photos from the New Year’s Resolution 8 & 5K are in. Click here to find your favorite race photo.

Off Camber Brewing

Sat Feb 6, 9:00am


Nathan Chapman Memorial Trail.

Sun Feb 14, 10:00am


Camp Lakeview Graham

Sat Mar 13, 10:00am

Come run this fun woodsy trail run in the woods and around the lake where the Gnomes live. Early bird pricing starts at $40. The event goes live on Databar on Tuesday January 5th, 2021


Van Lierop Daffodil Park

Sun Apr 11, 9:30am


Long Beach

Sat Jun 12, 9:00am

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