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Runner's Gift Guide

Running is easy. Just a pair of shoes is all you need. And then maybe a watch that tracks pace, distance, and other data points. And then when the weather gets wet or humid, some stuff to prevent chafing. Or clothing that wicks away the moisture to combat the issue. And socks to prevent blisters. Plus cool sunglasses (because there are some days we need those here).

Okay, running is easy in theory. There can be some troubleshooting involved both in participation and loving those who participate, but luckily gift-giving doesn't have to be part of that. South Sound Running has whatever the gift-giver needs for the runner in their life.

Gels and nutrition - price varies

Just because it's cooler outside doesn't mean hydration and fueling on long runs shouldn't be practiced. Green tea Tailwind is being retired so stock up on that! Check what kinds of flavors of gels are lying around the drawers and cabinets and get more of those (or just ask your favorite runner what flavors they prefer, because preferences exist). Or if you have a personal preference that your friends can't seem to get around to trying, that's always a good bet.

Your runner tired of gels, or simply don't like them? Understandable. Chews are a great alternative. Clif Bloks and Pro Bar Chews have a few different flavor options and are easy to pop and chew on the go.

Nathan strobe light - $10

These little gadgets are super handy to help being seen and can be fun to mix and match with different colors to clip on to the back of jackets, on top of shoes, to dog's collars, to children, whatever.

Features socks - $11-$15

No cotton in these babies! There are a few different cushion and thickness options, and a wide range of colors to go with any wardrobe choices or the classic colors. They are the perfect stocking stuffers! We could all use more socks. File that under: "Things we would never say as kids."

Tifosi Sunglasses - $25

Sometimes we need them. And with a price-point like that, you can't have too many. Because let's be honest, we misplace them as soon as we take them off and by the time we need them again, they're nowhere to be found. So the more you have around, the higher likelihood they're accessible when needed. Plus, there are a few different color options. Again, just another thing to match and look awesome (because when you look awesome, you feel awesome!).

Brooks Distance Long Sleeve shirt - $44

Perfect base layer for putting under a shell during the winters. Moisture-wicking, quick-drying, and very soft to the touch. Lightweight and comfy, for sure.

Nike Flex Stride shorts - $50

We all know these people: the ones who HAVE to wear shorts even when it's 32 degrees. We always ask them if they're cold, and they probably were trying not to think about it until you asked. But they never complain. Because they know their choices. However, it also makes it easy to pick out shorts. The 5-inch inseam is pretty standard, although not the longest short option. Nike also has a pretty good selection of colors, for those who don't like black everything.

Oofos recovery slides - $50-$70

Don't try these on in the store if you have no intention of purchasing them. Because once they're on, they don't come off... because you won't want to wear anything else. There are clogs, sandals, and slide styles in unisex sizing and pretty wide. They do run on the bigger side so if your runner is a half-size, you're pretty safe sizing down. (but maybe keep the receipt, just in case)

Asics Thermopolis Half-zip - $70

Despite the fact that it's lightweight and relatively thin, it's still a good outer layer for those cooler days. But the nice dry ones that we get every so often.

Craft Fleece Tight - $80

There's rarely an array of options for bottom layers that compare with the jacket and upper selections. While, yes, there's the fact that the core body temperature is an important factor and the legs seem to do okay once warmed up for generating heat, it's still nice to feel cozy and not have to worry about the cold. The Craft Fleece tights fit the bill in that regard. Not water-resistant (that's so hard to find in bottom layers), but moisture-wicking and adequately warm, without being bulky.

Brooks Canopy Jacket - $120

And for the not-dry days that are a little more common, the Canopy jacket is great. Not torrential downpour days, but the misty ones with steady rain that kind of ebbs and flows throughout the day. Again, lightweight, wicking, quick-drying. Pretty swell.

Shoes - $100+

Can't go wrong with a new pair of shoes. I mean... you can if you get the wrong ones, but that's what gift certificates are for. Some pick out a pair of shoes and get a receipt, just in case, whereas others just go straight for the gift card. Unsure of the amount, but want to ensure a full shoe purchase for your loved one, the average cost is around $130-$140 plus tax. Ask your sales associate what the total amount would be since sales tax rates vary.

Sugoi Evo Zap 2 Jacket - $170

You can't miss this one! It's bright yellow with reflective pinstripes. Let's be honest, no matter how many Pacific Northwest winters that happen, it still gets dark too early. It catches up with us every year and then by the time we're used to it, the days get longer again. Barely. There will be no missing this jacket-wearer on the dark streets.

Theragun Massage gun - $175-$299

Marked down for the holiday sale, there are two versions of the massage gun: Elite and Mini. Both provide ample massage power, getting deep muscles and promoting blood flow. The difference is in the size and other capabilities: The Mini is good for carrying around, traveling, stowing in a gym bag or in the car for easy access; the Elite has five different attachment heads depending on what's being massaged, as well as smartphone app connectivity.

Written by ATFS! Blog Contributor, Aubree Reichel

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