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  • Aubree Reichel

Cold-weather Running Options Available at South Sound Running!

Well, those temperatures de-escalated quickly...

The smoky 80 degrees turned into clear freezing temperatures quite suddenly and the rain will soon return there's no shortage of options available to keep running through the winter at South Sound Running.

Never underestimate the versatility of a long-sleeve half zip.

Perfect for being either an outer layer or a mid-layer under a jacket, the waffled fleece of the Craft Core Trim Midlayer ($90), Mizuno Breath Thermo Half Zip ($95), or Brooks Dash Half Zip ($70) is perfect for over a base layer for the dry but frigid days, or under a water-resistant layer for the wet days.

There are a few different options for tights, as well.

There's a little demo station at the store to demonstrate the Mizuno warming technology in the Breath Thermo line of upper and lower layers (tights are $90). When moisture, like sweat, hits the fabric, it activates a warming feeling. You can read more about it on Mizuno's website at (

There's no real way to get around wet feet, but there are ways to delay it.

Merino wool blend socks can hold up to 30% of their own weight in moisture before feeling wet, which minimizes the friction caused by wetness, therefore, minimizing blister risks. Feetures has these options available.

Running Shoe

Generally, it's best to have shoes that just drain well and socks are the biggest key to keeping feet warm(ish) and dry(ish) during the winter months, however, there are Gore-Tex options available for those Brooks Ghost lovers. This does limit the breathability of the shoes since the waterproof layer is in the upper of the shoe so it will definitely feel warmer and since water can't get in, moisture can't get out. These are definitely an option for those wishing to avoid cold feet, however, the breathability is also something to keep in mind.

 Visibility options
Visibility options

Aside from weather conditions, visibility for you to see and for others to see you is another factor to consider when taking on outdoor winter running.

South Sound Running has reflective vests, clip-on Nathan Strobe lights, bright and color-changing Nox Gear options in the Tracer 360 and Tracer2, as well as Petzl headlamp options to light the way. The Nox Gear is fun because you can change the color to match what you're wearing or match for the season. Turn on the green and red options when running with friends during the holidays, for example. Silly? Maybe a little. But running isn't all serious.

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