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  • Aubree Reichel

Feetures | A Sock Review

The wrong socks can make the right shoes just feel... off. Whether it's the fit, the thickness, the material, there are many things that can go into a sock that make them just not right. Luckily, Feetures has everyone covered*

* -- for the most part

Many styles have the an anatomical structure and compression that minimizes any sort of movement between the sock and the foot, a variety of thicknesses, and right material with moisture-wicking synthetic material (some even have Marino wool which wicks even more moisture).

It can be difficult to justify the cost when some bulk packs on Amazon cost as much as a single pair of Feetures (starting at $11 per pair), however I bought my first pair of Feetures in 2014 and they're still going strong. No holes, still comfortable (just a little faded). With the amount of running that I do throughout the year, my Feetures have been through countless mud puddles, been wrung out over my bathtub following muddy and rainy runs, and also are my daily-wear socks.

They're comfy, most are left-right specific, there are a variety of colors available so they can match shoes, outfit, work clothes, costumes, none of the above (because if they're comfy, who cares if they match anything except each other?)

Different styles of socks:

Elite- Targeted compression design in the Elite line ensure the arch is adequately cushioned and supported. There's also no seam along the toe line which reduces the threat of blisters that can occur with seam irritation.

High Performance - Less of an anatomical fit than the Elites, but still moisture-wicking, comfortable, and just back-to-basics design that originally earned Feetures its notoriety.

Merino10 -Merino wool can hold up to 30% of its weight in moisture before it starts feeling wet. These are for the wet, soggy winters since generally shoes aren't waterproof (some are, but generally not).

The company also offers Graduated Compression and Therapeutic designs, but neither are necessarily for running and activity purposes and aren't typically stocked at most running retail stores.

South Sound Running carries Elite, High Performance, and Merino10 brands and uses Feetures as the bulk of their try-on socks. Check them out!

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