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All Things Fun Sports Privacy Policy

We respect the privacy of our run/walk community. We do not share our information with third parties unless with are legally required to do so or otherwise stated in this notice.

If you subscribe to our email we promise not to spam you or sell your address to anyone.

  • We use cookies on our site like Google analytics to help understand things like what sections of our website are most popular, if there are any trends on our website we should pay attention to, and where our website traffic comes from. We use that information to help us improve the website experience and tailor our site to our community interests.

  • If you buy something from the shop on our website you will be placing an order through one of the companies that sponsor our events. They're good people, they support the run/walk community. Just understand you're not giving your credit card number to us at All Things Fun Sports, but instead you're giving it to one of our friendly sponsors. They will be the ones to process your order and handling shipping or the delivery of your service.

  • Databar is the company we work with to handle our event registration.

If you have any questions about our privacy policy please contact us directly.

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